Simply listing some slang I have found and enjoyed.

Where does the slang come from? The World Wide Web, Radio, Television, and.... yes.... books, real books.

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I Love Simplicity

I believe that simplicity is the way of life. I like things to be simple yet elegant and beautiful. Beauty lies in simplicity.

This template is designed keeping simplicity in mind. Simply Plain as the name suggests it is very plain, simple and yet elegant. (A bit like me).

Slang ideas for the pages of erata

Bad slang - could actually be good slang - have a mix on this page.

Beautiful slang - slang that has a sense of rightness and appropriateness and uses attractive (?) language.

Elegant slang - a rightness to the slang.

Favourite slang - a selection that I favour.

Simple slang - in simplicity is profound expression.

Ugly slang - this is the REAL bad slang page.

The right hand navigation SLANG

Initially aim for an A-Z of slang with one page for each slang word, but leave room, and the option to add other slang terms as suits.